Driving the Tequila Trail

Casa Herradura, Mexico

Of the many things for which the state of Jalisco is famous, the alcoholic agave-based spirit known as tequila tops the list. Indeed its birthplace—a town aptly named Tequila!—lies just 65km northwest of Guadalajara, making for an easy and popular day trip from the city.

If there is one certainty in life, it’s that drinking and driving don’t mix. And yet, when in Mexico—especially when tequila country is practically on your door step—all the rules seem to go out the window… That’s really the only explanation I have for how we wound up spending one of our final days in Guadalajara on a self-guided tour through the heart of Tequila and its many distilleries. Sure we could have taken a group tour or even a fancy party train, but the freedom and flexibility afforded by our own set of wheels was too great to overlook. At least we never went above the speed limit and always wore our seatbelts??? Safety first!

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Where to Eat in Tlaquepaque

Steph found a place to eat in Tlaquepaque

As I mentioned in my last post—a love letter to Guadalajara—one of the major reasons we decided to visit and spend a month in the city was because we had heard such good things about the food. This isn’t the first time we’ve let our stomachs make the decisions when it comes to deciding on a destination (one could argue that indeed, our time in Asia was essentially spent pursuing their whims!), and I sincerely doubt it will be the last. If there’s one thing that can guarantee we will fall in love with a place and not want to leave, you can bet it will be food-related.

(Remember this? Or this? Or this??? )

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