When 2 Become 1: Lessons Learned Traveling Solo in California

Solo in front of Googleplex

My last two posts on the blog have been all about slowing down and staying put. Just last week, I wrote about how we decided to settle down in Playa del Carmen and had recently signed a six-month lease.

For some of you, this all may have seemed like the death knell to our traveling lifestyle. We may not actually know our address here in Mexico, but in theory, we have one; now that we once more have somewhere to call our own, surely we’d take some time to embrace our more stationary existence.

Of course, that is not how my life works, where irony seems to be one of the supreme guiding principles. Within two days of posting my last article (and a mere two weeks after moving into our new “home”) I was sitting on a plane, a nervous ball of energy, staring down the barrel of a 16-hour travel day making my way north to California for a conference held by Google celebrating their top AdWords partners.

After three years, long travel days are nothing new to me, so although I wasn’t exactly looking forward to being in transit for the better part of a day and hurling across three time zones in the process, that part of the equation felt like business as usual. What did feel wholly bizarre and more than a little bit frightening, was that for the first time in I can’t remember how long, I was tackling this trip without Tony by my side.

For the next week, I would be a solo traveler.

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Driving the Tequila Trail

Casa Herradura, Mexico

Of the many things for which the state of Jalisco is famous, the alcoholic agave-based spirit known as tequila tops the list. Indeed its birthplace—a town aptly named Tequila!—lies just 65km northwest of Guadalajara, making for an easy and popular day trip from the city.

If there is one certainty in life, it’s that drinking and driving don’t mix. And yet, when in Mexico—especially when tequila country is practically on your door step—all the rules seem to go out the window… That’s really the only explanation I have for how we wound up spending one of our final days in Guadalajara on a self-guided tour through the heart of Tequila and its many distilleries. Sure we could have taken a group tour or even a fancy party train, but the freedom and flexibility afforded by our own set of wheels was too great to overlook. At least we never went above the speed limit and always wore our seatbelts??? Safety first!

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