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We knew that following our time in Asia that transitioning to Europe would be hard on our dwindling travel funds. Many people joked that we couldn’t have picked a worse destination than London as our entry point with respect to sticker shock. While it might be true that London is a very expensive city, we […]

There were many places on this trip that I was excited to visit for essentially little more than the chance to eat my way through them. It will probably not surprise many of you that England was not originally on that list. It is now. England may traditionally be the laughing stock of the culinary […]

In my last post, I wrote extensively about the many free things to see and do in London. With so many free attractions at your disposal, I outlined how it is entirely possible to fill over a week in London town without spending anything above and beyond your lodging, food and transport, and to do […]

It’s hard to think of a place that we could have started our time in Europe that wallops your budget harder than London does. Regardless of where in the world you’re coming from, London is expensive, plain and simple. From the cost of a “cozy hotel room” (read: cramped) in a “local neighborhood with character” […]


A Tale of Two London Markets

Written by Stephenie Harrison September 19, 2014
Posted in England, Food

Every long-term traveler has a different catalyst that starts them on their journey and that keeps them excited out there on the road. Some want to hop from one beautiful beach to the next chasing perpetual summer (an idea that doesn’t sound so bad as I sit here writing this in chilly Toronto!), whereas others […]


London Love

Written by Stephenie Harrison September 15, 2014
Posted in England

London calls to me. London enraptures me. London ties my tongue—and my heart—up into knots. It’s always been this way. For as long as I can remember, England has felt like the center of the universe, exerting a gravitational pull on me. Ever since I was a teenager, I have loved its writers, its musicians, […]