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It’s hard to think of a place that we could have started our time in Europe that wallops your budget harder than London does. Regardless of where in the world you’re coming from, London is expensive, plain and simple. From the cost of a “cozy hotel room” (read: cramped) in a “local neighborhood with character” […]

I can’t be entirely certain, but I have read enough savings and pre-trip posts on enough blogs to assert that Tony and I may be the very first long-term travel bloggers who decided NOT to sell our car on the path to our travel dreams. I know most people argue that cars are money pits […]

There are no two ways about it: RTW travelers tend to be a thrifty bunch, always looking for ways to cut costs and keep our travel funds as much in the black as possible. With the knowledge that a few dollars culled from one thing could easily equal an extra day on the road, those […]

One of life’s unfailing maxims is that there can be no pleasure without pain. This is true even when it comes to planning a RTW trip: it’s not just fun and games, gazing longingly at photos of white sand beaches and hot air balloon rides. No, because our trip will take us to the far […]

One of the reasons why Tony and I decided that we weren’t going to buy RTW tickets is because we wanted the flexibility to travel at our own pace. Much to the annoyance of friends and family who wanted to plan short jaunts to visit us along the way, we also wanted the freedom to […]