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Five Years Away

Written by Tony August 10, 2017
Posted in Inspiration, Musings, News

It’s been quiet here for a while! That’s not likely to change in the near future, as our lives are in a more… stationary stage for the time being. We’re enjoying our time with our remaining dog in sunny Mexico, working hard to build our business and thinking about the future when we’re once again footloose and fancy-free. In any case, this post corresponds to a big milestone for us, and therefore merits (in my mind) some sort of marker, as much for ourselves as the blog.


A New Look and More Content

Written by Tony December 8, 2015
Posted in Musings, News

After three and a half years of running this site (wow!) we decided it was time for an update. In truth, we decided it was time for an update about a year ago, but between travel and work things sort of… fell through the cracks.

A few months ago, I began alluding to (and explicitly mentioning… subtlety is rarely my strong suit) the fact that Tony & I will be winding up our trip and heading home this summer. I didn’t go into detail about why this was happening, in part because I didn’t really think anyone other than the […]


20 Years Hence Turns 2!

Written by Stephenie Harrison April 23, 2014
Posted in Musings, News

A few weeks back, I was chatting on Facebook with my good friend Simona. We’ve been friends for nearly a decade at this point, having met during our final semester of university and bonded (initially) over our mutual love of Oasis. As if to make up for lost time, we crammed years worth of friendship […]


What’s in a name?

Written by Stephenie Harrison April 22, 2012
Posted in News, Pre-trip

When it comes to planning an extended round-the-world (RTW) trip, you have an awful lot of tough choices facing you. If you decide to blog about the entire venture, your decisions quadruple. Some people fret about where to go, how much money to budget, or whether you really need quick drying underwear. Tony and I… […]