Who we are

Twenty Years Hence is Tony Kuehn and Stephenie Harrison. We’re a location-independent husband and wife team that offers a range of services and skills you won’t find all in one spot anywhere else.

Tony has been a professional graphic designer for a decade, with an extensive background as a professional photographer. His past work includes everything from museums for the National Park Service, to halls of fame for clients that include the New York Mets, and nearly everything in between. He currently works in print media and digital media and has a bachelor’s degree in fine arts, where he majored in graphic design and minored in photography. Right now he’s designing logos, websites and collateral branding material for a host of global clients ranging in scale from bespoke designs for individual bloggers to months-long in-depth web projects for universities. With a diverse portfolio, and an aesthetic to match, there’s little in the world of digital or print media he can’t deliver.

Steph received her PhD in psychology from Vanderbilt University. As Dr. Steph, she now turns her extensive academic acumen to a different purpose: research and writing for our clients. Steph is an award-winning published writer, covering a broad range of topics and, in addition to writing, she is also a Google AdWords professional. She’ll make your content sing, be it words or otherwise. Not only will her professional research and marketing skills make sure your content gets in front of the right people, her expertise as a writer will make sure those people understand it exactly the way you intended.

Why work with us?

Working with us is the right decision for you and your project. We’re flexible, attentive, dedicated and provide great value for money.

We’re small. This means you’ll get all of our attention. You’re our priority and your job will never get lost in the shuffle. If you need something, you’ve got a direct line to the people who are doing it: us. No holds, no secretaries, just you, your project and us.

We’re diverse. Between the two of us, there is very little we can’t do. If you have a graphics or marketing project, we’re here to help. We have the knowledge you need to complete the job, and make you and your audience happy.

We’re affordable. Part of why we live abroad means we can live a less expensive lifestyle. In addition to that, our overhead is low; it’s just the two of us and our two dogs. So, not only do you get our undivided attention, but you benefit from our low operating costs as well.

Our services

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Web design/development View Web Design Work »

We design bespoke themes for WordPress-based websites. Our themes are built from the ground up to fit your needs after an in-depth consultation process.


WordPress development. We specialize in projects for the extremely popular WordPress framework. Its active development community, great security and huge amount of flexibility make it the perfect solution for almost any type of web project. We build themes from scratch for every client, no cookie-cutter frameworks or one-size-fits-all themes here. Every project is designed to fit our client’s respective needs.

  • Why WordPress? (click to read more)
    Why not Joomla or Magento or XYZ content management system? We use WordPress exclusively for a number of reasons. First, it has one of, if not the, biggest ecosystems out there. There is more support for WordPress than almost any other platform. Second, it’s secure and has a long track record of updates and enhancements. Hundreds of people work every day to make it better and better. Third, it’s free. Using this framework lets us concentrate on making you the best product possible at no additional cost to you. Fourth, it’s flexible. We can do anything with WordPress, and I do mean anything. It’s scalable and easily modified at every level, meaning if you want something done, we can do it and you still get to have the outstanding usability WordPress is famous for.
  • Why a custom theme, why not a pre-made theme? (click to read more)

    Why should I get a theme custom made instead of buying one from a marketplace? While pre-made (‘out of the box”) themes have their advantages, they come with some hidden pitfalls and there are some very good reasons we advise not using them if you’re serious about your online presence. With pre-made themes, you get what you pay for. As much as it’s a cliche, it’s often true.

    1. Since pre-made themes are much more popular, they tend to be an easy target for hackers. If they find a vulnerability in one theme, then they’ve found their way into hundreds, if not thousands of sites. Our themes are secure, and unique. No one is hunting them down as potential targets, and we’ve never been hacked, not even once.
    2. Customization is harder on pre-made themes. They tend to be designed to look a certain way, and work and certain way, and when you want to step outside of that functionality you end up re-making a lot of the theme, if the changes are even possible. When you use a custom theme, we make it do exactly what you want, from the beginning. No shoehorning capabilities into some uncooperative theme you bought from somewhere.
    3. Updates and support. While there are good developers making pre-made themes, you have no idea if you got one or not. Maybe they ripped off someone else’s work, maybe they will never answer e-mails, maybe they opened a security hole they can’t — or won’t — fix. You have no idea who is on the other end of that $39 theme you just bought, and often you’re on your own. When we build your theme, you can rely on us for as long as you use the theme. If anything goes wrong that you need help with, we’ll be there to help, for free, forever.

Responsive design. All of our projects are fully mobile responsive. Designed from top to bottom for the mobile environment, our designs look just as good on a phone as they do on a big screen.

Loaded with features. All of our designs come with a wide array of custom features. A toolbar button loaded with custom shortcodes, control panel pages, and custom image sliders are just a few of the things our themes come with right out of the box. Beyond that, if there is something you want your site to do, we can make it happen.

Built for you by people who know. We’re bloggers, and we make our living on the internet. We know what you need from a website. We’ll build your entire project, from scratch, using our own code. If there is a feature you want, we can provide it. We’re professional developers who are highly proficient in PHP, jQuery, CSS3, and HTML5 and we can make your website do anything you want.

Expertise. Back-end issues? Whether you’re working with cPanel or something custom, we’ve probably been there. We can move sites from a local server to a live server, from one host to another, change domain names, update themes, troubleshoot errors, clear spam and malware infestations, optimize databases and pretty much anything else you can think of the requires more than your average level of technical know-how.

Free support. Forever. As long as you’re using our theme, we’ll provide support. If you have a problem, need help or have questions, we’ll be here to assist you and make sure that, as long as you’re using something we made, you’ll never be left out in the cold.

Web design services we offer:


Complete, custom websites
From $1000US

We’ll use the extremely secure and popular WordPress framework to build you a website from the ground up. Our custom websites include all the back-end features you need to make your site successful: advanced SEO management, easy content management, custom widgets, advertising space, custom headers and logos, and a unique design that is sure to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Modifications and consultation
From $75US/hour

Cpanel issues? Need to migrate a website from one domain to another? Spam got you down? Have you been hacked? Do you want a recommended posts section, but can’t find a plugin that works the way you want? Or maybe you want to offer a subscription service, but don’t know how to implement it? If there is functionality that you want your site to have or a problem you want to fix, but you can’t do it yourself, we offer tailor-made solutions to fit your needs.

Header images and logos
From $250US

Your blog is a visual representation of your brand and your passion. Along with a logo, your header image plays a huge part in your visitors’ first impressions of your site. We can help you make sure your header image shines. If you’re interested in a new logo along with your header, contact us for package rates.

Social media icons
From $50US

Need custom social media icons for your website? We can provide icons to match the feel of your site for any social network you are a part of, and we will also include “mouse-over” versions if you need those as well.

Digital branding package
From $250US

Are your social media properties blowing up and you need some distinctive branding? We can provide you with a complete social media branding package. Our package will include (but isn’t limited to) a favicon, social media icons, social media background images, avatars, header images, social network-specific logos and writing assistance for profiles and bios.

web | graphic | marketing | photographic

Graphic design View Graphic Design Work »

We use industry-leading software to create your print collateral. We’ve worked with printers on everything from color-laser to industrial grade four-color process and spot jobs, and if that means nothing to you, just take our word for it: we’ve done this before.


Work with a professional. Tony has been a professional designer for over a decade. He has the skills and knowledge to elevate your brand and perfect your message. He has worked in every print media from small to large, from brochures to museums and can handle any sort of job.

We have the tools. Need to make an ePub? Need a logo? Or maybe a book cover? A brochure? A banner?