From surprise reciprocity fees to our bank card being blocked to incorrect directions to our hostel, our first day traveling in Colombia (after 6 months of easy living in Playa del Carmen, Mexico) was a trial-by-fire that put our dusty backpacking skills to the test!


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I am pretty sure that taking Spanish lessons is a rite of passage (akin to a freshman hazing) that every long-term traveler in Latin America goes through. It seems like every blogger I know who has spent any chunk of time in this part of the world has wound up heading back to school in […]

If you’re looking for authentic Mexican food at authentic Mexican prices, La Peñita is the place for you. For a coastal town, it’s very affordable and, near as we could tell, the food really hasn’t been gussied up or altered for gringo palates… largely because most tourists tend to base themselves elsewhere. During our month […]

If you read our desultory food interview, Chewing the Fat, Italy is by far the most popular answer when we ask people to name their favorite food country from their travels. It’s a carb-lovers paradise—the home of pizza and pasta!—and we intended to eat very well during our two weeks in the country; I probably […]

I used to say that I could never hack it as a vegetarian because I love hamburgers too much. I know this is true because a no-meat eating phase I dabbled with when I was a teen ended rather abruptly when my craving for a cheeseburger got the better of me; after 10 months of […]

When we decided to start our trip in Asia, the thing we might have been looking forward to the most was the food. From sushi in Japan to bahn mi sandwiches in Vietnam to fragrant and spicy curries in Thailand and India, we could not wait to start eating our way through the continent. And that doesn’t even take into all the new foods we would discover along the way, like Malaysian food, Cambodian cuisine, and… Filipino fare?


Whether you like to book ahead or just find a place to sleep upon landing in a foreign land, we hope our lodging list helps you out should you find your own travel plans overlapping with ours. On this page, we list the lodgings we paid for while traveling, and also provide the price per […]

In my first two posts in this series I went over the theory behind choosing the right camera for your trip, or even just for every day use. In this post I’m going to talk about the camera I chose and why, and how it’s been working out after three months of travel. I’ll also detail my complete kit and talk about the choices I made regarding lenses and accessories.

In a country full of holy sites, Mount Koya is one of the most sacred. This is no small feat considering the tremendous religious heritage permeating nearly every corner of Japan. Nearly 1200 years ago the monk Kukai settled among Koya’s eight peaks and founded Koyasan, which is now the world headquarters for the Shingon sect of Buddhism. In addition to Koyasan’s sacrosanct stature in the world of Buddhism, many of the temples in the mountain city offer room and board to pilgrims, a nice boon considering how relatively inaccessible the city is – by Japanese standards anyway – and a large part of what drew us to the tiny mountain hamlet.

In my last post I waxed a little poetic and dealt with the more esoteric considerations of choosing a camera. This time around we need to tackle some of the actual nuts and bolts of a camera purchase. Some of the jargon can seem overwhelming at first, but don’t worry! Once you start to browse […]