Putting the “Poo” in Pool: 10 Gross Reasons Why The End of Pool Season Isn’t So Bad

When it came time to return home from our RTW trip, my one consolation was that we would be doing so during the summer—clearly the best time to visit Canada! However, much to my dismay, the weather didn’t cooperate and I have spent most of the past three months shivering indoors as thunderstorms hammered down from above, wondering if this was my penance for having spent the past two years chasing endless summer. Since it’s officially autumn now, it seems all the dreams I had of experiencing the joys of summer in Canada (did you know that Toronto has some pretty great beaches where you can swim and everything?) were for naught. The leaves are changing color from vibrant greens to rich reds and golden yellows and there is a persistent nip in the air that has me searching for wool socks and warm flannels. I have to admit, I’m enjoying getting to sport a fall wardrobe for the first time in years (Boots! Scarves! Arm Warmers!), but I know that the colder it gets the quicker all these layers will lose their charms. Inevitably I’ll begin dreaming of warmer climes once more. I may have already started to research the best snowbird destinations and started looking into cheap flights to “anywhere but here”. Perhaps it’s best for our depleted travel savings that I stumbled upon this hilarious (& informative) infographic put together by the wonderful folks over at Schofields. Whenever my wanderlust threatens to consume me and thoughts of lazy days lounging in a pool at some five-star resort endlessly dance through my head, I’ll turn to this for a much-needed reality check. 8 swimming infographic I think #1 was enough to put me off of pools for life (never mind #4… and how is that I’ve never heard of “white water mould” before? Those were happier times!). What about you? Do you fancy for going for a dip or is winter looking better and better to you now?