Sunday Sketchup: Missing the Dogs Edition

It’s Sunday Sketchup time! Every Sunday I plan on putting up something I’ve drawn, in one form or another, on the blog. The content will be whatever has moved me during the previous week, and this may not always be travel-related.

It’s Sunday Sketchup time! Every Sunday I plan on putting up something I’ve drawn, in one form or another, on the blog. The content will be whatever has moved me during the previous week, and this may not always be travel-related.

Ever since Steph and I left on our trip, I’ve been slowly getting back to my roots in the fine arts. For years I was stuck behind a computer, working very little with my hands and even less outside of my office. As we’ve been moving around, the world has inspired me to concentrate on doing what I love, and what I love is to express my creativity. I love photography, and the blog has been a great outlet for that, but I also love to draw, and slowly getting back into the habit of sketching has been really enjoyable, so I thought I would share it with all of you!

About the Sketch

So, the last few weeks have been… well, stressful. We’ve run into some steep, unexpected expenses (not one, but TWO broken cameras) and had some highs, but also some rather intense lows in Cambodia. We’re in Bangkok now, and are feeling a lot better about life (mostly… we still have to replace my very expensive camera and fix or replace Steph’s less expensive camera) but all the stress and fuss of the last few weeks has left me a bit drained, creatively. I’m also working on some commissioned drawings for a reader (drawings of his adorable little dog, which I’ll post soon as well) so my workflow has been a bit cramped.

Whenever we hit rough times on the road, or one of us is sick or feeling low, we always talk about how much we miss our dogs, especially our big dog, Emmy Lou (pictured above), who is a master-cuddler. Without fail when we were back home if one of us was sick or sad or laid-up for any reason, Emmy would be at our side offering warmth and comfort. Though we wouldn’t trade our time on the road for anything, there sure are moments where we’d love to have our pooches with us, as it’s our opinion that they really do make everything better.

On a side note, I’m available for commissioned drawings, so if you like something you’ve seen, odds are I can make some magic happen for you.

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  1. Nice one! Emmy looks great on paper, I can only imagine how amazing she is real life 🙂

    Jun. 16 2013 @ 9:39 am
    1. Franca author

      Thanks! She is the best beast (as we like to say). Quite an amazing little dog!

      Jun. 16 2013 @ 10:28 pm
  2. Awww: I’m sorry to hear about the camera mishaps & travel stress! Hope things pick back up. 😀

    Emmy is such a cutie! Thistle’s the only thing I can draw, because her ears are so distinctive she’s easy to doodle. lol

    Jun. 16 2013 @ 11:16 am
    1. Eva author

      We hope things get better too! It’s been a rather incredible stretch of bad luck, that’s for sure!

      Emmy sure is adorable, that drawing doesn’t even do her justice, she is sweetness itself!

      Jun. 16 2013 @ 10:30 pm
  3. It’s always darkest and coldest before the next sunrise. I hear you about your bad luck with your cameras. I had the mirror in my SLR fall out on one trip and when no place would touch it, I ended up using Super Glue and fixing it myself. On my last trip (Bangkok), the battery charger burned out and after finding out that I couldn’t buy a new one, a nice guy in one of the camera stores said he’d charge both of my batteries for me if I left them overnight with him, no charge (no pun intended). On our RTW trip, my wife had her camera stolen while we were on a very crowded bus in China. So, S**t happens! R U going to tell us what happened to your camera? Or is that too painful? If so, sorry I brought it up.

    But, just when you think things can’t get any worse, things always get better! Hang in there. Ya can’t have the ups without the downs.

    BTW, your dog drawing picked me up, I hope it did you too. Good job.

    Jun. 16 2013 @ 1:52 pm
    1. Steve C author

      Our little dogs always make me feel better, even in virtual form! Thanks for the kind words, we’re hoping for some good luck here soon, not sure we can handle it if we don’t get some. We set out the whole sordid tale of our poor luck on our facebook feed, sadly it’s quite long, so I recommend reading it over there.

      Jun. 16 2013 @ 10:36 pm
  4. Your sketches are wonderful Tony! I really hope things start getting better for you and Steph, you literally couldn’t write this stuff. I’m confident that if you sit put and focus on just enjoying your relaxing time somewhere then things will start to get better, the Thai food might help too 😉

    Jun. 16 2013 @ 10:18 pm
    1. Maddie author

      Thai food definitely helps, had a bunch of good street fare last night! Thanks for the appreciation, it always makes me happy to know people actually like these drawings of mine! We’re hoping some relaxation will, at the very least, take us out of harm’s way for a while and let our karma-meter reset, or something.

      Jun. 16 2013 @ 10:38 pm
  5. I can so relate to this. I miss my sweet cat so much! We left her with my parents when we moved to Shanghai and some days I’m desperate for a cuddle. I hope you get to see your doggies again soon!

    Jun. 17 2013 @ 12:30 am
    1. Heather author

      It will never be too soon to see the pups again! We’re glad that they are both young and healthy, so that we know we’ll have a lot of time with them when we get back. There are plenty of days where we are very desperate for a cuddle, sometimes it hurts!

      Jun. 17 2013 @ 7:33 am
  6. That is a fantastic sketch of a dog! You’ll should earn a nice side income with skills that good. I’m going to dig out a few photos of my dog as I’d love you to draw her. Can you send an email to me with details of how much you charge and how to pay you? Thanks!

    Jun. 17 2013 @ 2:39 am
    1. Jackie (Farm Lane Books) author

      I will send you all the information! I love drawing dogs, it’s so much fun for me, and working for people who love their pups the way I do is a bonus!

      Jun. 17 2013 @ 7:38 am
  7. Love the drawing and I can totally relate to missing your dogs when you’re travelling. For me, it’s one of the hardest parts (sorry family and friends lol)

    Jun. 17 2013 @ 1:10 pm
  8. haha! what a cute drawing!

    Jun. 17 2013 @ 4:11 pm
  9. We know how you feel.There is NOTHING like a doghug

    Jun. 18 2013 @ 6:50 am
  10. Such a fabulous sketch, Tony! There’s so much life and personality in her eyes – wonderful 🙂 I really hope things continue to look up for you both, and best of luck getting your cameras fixed!

    Jun. 18 2013 @ 9:10 am
  11. Natasha

    Ouch 2 cameras destroyed, not an expense I would want. I hope it does not eat too much into your travel budget. My MacBook cable gave way and I had to spend $112 on a new one. These unexpected costs can be nerve wrecking.
    I only just started reading your blog. Why did you not decide to travel with your pets ?

    Jun. 19 2013 @ 1:17 am

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